Personal Challenge

 This is my personal sewing challenge adventure. A little story behind the challenge. I have been sewing since I was 11 yrs. old and it has been a hobby, a passion and therapy for me. For some odd reason I went on a 7 year hiatus from sewing. No sewing whatsoever for seven years.

In all those years before, I accumulated yards and yards of fabric which have been stored in at least 10 of those fifty gallon storage bins. My eight year old granddaughter, who stayed with me this past summer, asked me what were in the boxes, so we went exploring. I did not realize how much fabric I accumulated! My precious granddaughter asked me to make her something. So that was the beginning of the end of my sewing hiatus.For the summer, I made her one outfit and a dress for myself.


However, I have an addiction, compulsion, whatever, to  buy fabric. I can go into the fabric store for a zipper and come out with some fabric. Thus here is one challenge for me: not to buy any more fabric. So far it hasn’t worked. I ordered fabric to make a fleece sweater for my nine year old grandson(he didn’t want to left out) and end up getting a mystery bundle of ten yards of fabric.


So here I am…Lets see how much fabric I will use in my stash before the end of the year. We shall see…Stay tuned….Until…


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