Lady In Red

And I finished the red dress, Vogue 8998 in three days.


It was a fun adventure since I was a little dusty from the seven year sewing hiatus. It was the first time using horsehair for the hem finish.  A special thanks to the tutorial from Gertie’s Blog which was quite clear on how to insert the horsehair braid on the hem. So 3 yards of silk charmeuse, 3 yards of lining, 2 yards of interfacing and 1 yard of shimmery organza later, this is the results:

20141115_115646 20141115_115515

I wasn’t sure how it was going to look on me but I received the thumbs up from both of my sons.

10734158 20141116_200113 20141116_200041

And there you have it. A challenge succeeded.

The review of this is here

Sew until next time….


2 thoughts on “Lady In Red

  1. You know I purchased some horsehair after reading Gertie too. It’s lying in my sewing chest, LOL. Sew, do you like it? Would you use it again?

    Hey CinnaSpice, what do you think about crinolines? Being into vintage wear I have been salivating for a crinoline petticoat to authenticate the look. I don’t need two or three or more like some gals wear, but one nice one would suit me well.



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    1. I love the way the horsehair braid made the dress stand out. A crinoline slip reminds me of the dresses my mother made for me to wear and I had to wear a crinoline slip under it. I just recall the itchiness of the toile netting, especially when you sat down. I would try it only if I make it so that there is a lining between me and the crinoline. I am thinking of making one for my granddaughter to go with a dressy (fou-fou) dress.


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