Start Afresh

Okay, I didn’t quite achieved the short term goal but I did get back to sewing. In the five months  which I started back sewing (August to December), I was able to use 17.25 yards of fabric, making outfits for my granddaughter and me. That’s a good thing. Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures of all of my projects but I will work on that this year.

Maliyahsstyle         2014HandbagContest (640x512)

LadyinRedI ended the year and started the year sewing. My last project was a wine suede skirt from Butterick 5466 which took all of 2 hours to make with the grandkids running around. 2015-01-05 21.25.532015-01-05 21.20.12 And on the first day of the year I made a top to match from Kwik Sew 4083.        2015-01-05 19.51.08 Both fabrics came from my stash which I purchased 19 years ago when I worked at Fabric Warehouse in Long Island, NY.(found the receipt). 2015-01-05 18.20.25 I am satisfied to an extent with the outfit. I just have to identify my style again.

On another note, this month is my birthday and I am aiming to have at least 4 new outfits made. One down, three to go…….

Sew until……


One thought on “Start Afresh

  1. As you know sewing is FUNdamental, LOL. So don’t stress yourself out. You will “git r done”; and if you don’t, humph, there’s always another day.

    Not sure if you’re into ’em or not but sew-a-longs and challenges are fun AND they can help keep you on point and motivated. One group I would like to pay it forward to you is https://www.facebook.com/groups/822186681165936/ (Sew Retro Rose). We just finished up a sweet 1950s Swirl dress and she is prepping to begin another in the next few days or so.

    Now, the red dress. Girrlllllll. That dress is kickin’!! I love it. I would NEVER have given that pattern a second look (due to my size); however, seeing you in it. You are smashing.




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