The Sassy Side of Veti

2015-01-17 17.25.23 CollageToday is my annibirthsary. I am a year older and Mr. and I have been married for 34 years… Sassier, calmer, have a different perspective on people and life, just enjoying me.. Unfortunately Mr. had to work a double shift today. But he will make it up tomorrow. I enjoyed it relaxing and I had my 10 year old grandson keeping me company today.

I made an outfit for today though, Quick and easy. A skirt and a top. 2015-01-18 00.13.32

I used New Look 6808 for the top.2014-12-07 20.40.45. I just love the cute little bow on the side.2014-12-07 20.41.18

And the quick and easy Butterick 5466 skirt that takes all of 7/8 yards and 1 hour to make even with the lining.GE DIGITAL CAMERAGE DIGITAL CAMERA

Here I am in my outfit…..2015-01-17 17.25.23 (480x640)…….. love my shoes….

and the wild and nutty side…2015-01-17 17.30.09..Oh and I joined the Jungle January 2015.

so I have two outfits….two more to go…….

Sew until……..


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