A Leopard Lurks in the City

blackandwhiteleopardThere was a tracking of an unknown animal on its way to the city from Canada a couple of weeks ago. At the same time some strange animals were trekking their way to Canada. Last week the strange animals were sighted and received by  funnygrrll anxiously and happily despite going through customs.

Meanwhile the unknown animal made its way through customs eventually but  got stopped at the US post office last week. It must have gotten wild because the postman was scared and  refused to deliver to the apartment,so he left a notice for it to be picked up at the post office.  I asked my son to pick it up but he kinda shivered at the thought. (it was 9 degrees Fahrenheit last week ). I couldn’t get it from the post office because I had to work overtime and the weekend. Well, I had to threaten and bargain with my precious son until he got it yesterday.


Funnygrrl must have seen my screensaver!!

Three meters( or a lil over 3 yards) of beautiful black and cream leopard fabric. And ohhh…it feels soo soft. It was suggested to make a jacket and a jacket will be perfect for such loveliness.

Thank you much, funnygrrl.blackandwhiteleopard Collage

I am really glad to be a part of prttynpnk’s jungle fabric swap.

Sew until……


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