Lana or Lani?

I know it has been awhile since the last time I have written about my sewing escapades. Oh I have been sewing….just not writing about the adventures or taking pictures. That has been my problem—getting my son or someone to take decent pictures and sitting down long enough to write about them. Well, we shall see if we can improve on that.

Lets start with the story of the recent quick project. The Lana Knit Peplum Top from StyleArc. LANA-TOP

They say that the first step in recovery is admitting your addiction….Yes I am a fabricaholic and pattern hoarder and have no intention of recovery. Okay that’s out the way, maybe you will understand the story.

It started out when my niece asked me to make her a sexy knit dress in white for her baby shower. So I went and bought yards of different kinds of white knits and various maternity patterns for her to choose when she came over to get measured. This was in the beginning of February.whiteknit
The baby shower was to be at the end of March. Right after she came over to get measured, she gave birth prematurely. (The baby is coming along, still in the hospital). But she still wanted a dress made. However,dear niece was too busy going back and forth to the hospital everyday, we never got around to be remeasured for the white outfit. So I have over 15 yards of different white knits added to my already overflowing stash.But its okay…

Then I went on a pattern buying spree from various companies…Butterick, Vogue, McCalls, Simplicity, and new ones to me: Sewaholic, Pamela’s, Collette and StyleArc. I ordered about 7 to 10 patterns from StyleArc so I wasn’t keeping track of what I was ordering. Last week I needed personal instant gratification in sewing. So I pulled out the Lana Knit Peplum Top from StyleArc; just 5 pattern pieces. And it was a slight challenge because I have not sewn a knit garment for myself in umpteen years. Perfect gratification! After I cut it out and was about to put it together, my sisterfriend called and we started comparing our pattern buying splurge. That was when I realized I was suppose to have the Lani Woven Top from StyleArc.LANI-TUNIC
A slight glitch. Well I am glad it happened. I ended up quite pleased with this top.IMG_8911_2 It is described as a top with a “peplum look” without the peplum. The peplum is achieved by four inverted tucks in the front and four tucks in the back. I made it basically as is to see the sizing of StyleArc patterns. I used the white ponte knit for it. The only changes I made was instead of a back zipper, I opted to use buttons and loops.Lanabackbuttons (522x640)
And I hemmed it by hand.2015-04-09 23.32.52
And I feel soo comfortable and cute wearing it.LanaKnitWhite

IMG_6500 Collage

Quite pleased with this instant gratification! How about you, have you wanted an instant gratification in sewing? If so, how did you satisfy it?


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