Grandson’s Style

Last month my dear grandson came to me with a project—he wanted me to make him a white suit for his  “prom” and graduation from elementary school. Unfortunately I couldn’t do it because I was in the process of getting my apartment painted and really didn’t have the time to do a whole suit.  However, we agreed on my making a vest and tie for the prom/dance. Only thing, Lil’ Master M had to pick out what fabric he wanted. Great excuse for me to go fabric shopping!  So off we went to AKN Fabrics.They have a small suite  with small aisles and many piles and shelves of African print fabric in every color and design. Lil’ Master M was overwhelmed with all the fabric! I thought I might help him, thinking his favorite color was purple. The thing about AKN Fabrics is you have to buy six yards. So whatever Lil’ Master M chooses I would have to use the rest of it (more stash). But he found what he wanted and it wasn’t what I thought he would choose. 2015-05-16 14.53.27 My first reaction was,” Are you sure?”  He was definitely sure with his decision. So now it was a matter of grandma hooking him up.

So McCall’s 4290 came into play. M4290, Children's/Boys' Lined Vests, Cummerbund, Bow Tie and Necktie  And I found some black satin in my stash of many years which was great for the lining. As I was sewing it up, I was reminiscing of the vests I had sewn for Lil’ Master M’s father and uncle when they were his age. Instead of a regular tie, I made the bow tie with the adjustable hook and eye set. And as a surprise for him, I made the vest reversible and a matching handkerchief. On the back of the reverse side I put a double chain with matching buttons to the front. This is the finished product:PicMonkey Collage When I brought it to him, the expression on his face was just priceless!!! He was speechless. And he modeled it for me with the white suit his father got him. Lil Master MHe had his prom/dance and awards ceremony last week and he was the star of the party. IMG953925IMG953928 A junior GQ style.


7 thoughts on “Grandson’s Style

  1. Your grandson is adorable!!!!! These kids know what they want. They know what the want. My GS had me make him a bow tie and suspenders out of flame fabric for his 1st grade promotion ceremony!

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