New Year with a New to Me



I know, I know, it has been awhile. One day I will get on board  with writing in this blog. I just hope you enjoy reading when I do tell of my sewing adventures.

I started writing about this dress on New Year’s Eve as I finished sewing it on that day and wore it that night. However I just did not get around to finish writing the story behind this teal green dress. So where shall I begin?

Back in May of last year, The Monthly Stitch had  a Indie Pattern Month Pattern Swap, in which you are given a name of someone and you purchase a indie pattern and you send it to your swap partner. It would be a pattern from a pattern company they did not own, thus being “new to me” patterns. I thought it would be interesting to find out what others would see me sewing and wearing. It was fun choosing for my partners, trying to figure out their taste.

Well, one of my partners gave me this printed pattern ,the Odette Dress  from BlueGingerDoll Patterns:        which resulted in this dress:   CowryOdetteDress I fell in love with this dress.

Now the other pattern was the Natalie Dress from Muse Patterns. a PDF. Never did a PDF.  Totally new to me.      2015-05-17 22.45.48

I printed it up right away back in May. And then I had fun taping it together on the floor as I didn’t have a table big enough to do so. My sons thought it was the most hilarious thing, seeing me on the floor taping this pattern and the Jade pattern from Paprika Pattern company together. Mind you, it is not an easy thing for me to get up and down from the floor with bad knees. But it was fun! New to me. Next was choosing the fabric. Oh my! The recommended fabric was knits. I…did…not…wear…knit…dresses. I have made knit dresses for others but I did not wear knit dresses. I wear knit tops but not dresses. hmmm. New to me.

Well, last year I was on a green, teal thing, so I found a piece of teal green jersey knit in amidst this batch of fabric I was determined to use up last year. ( out of the ten pieces of fabric I used six of them, not bad.)



I made adjustment for my size on the pattern pieces, size 42 in the bust area but I graded out to a size 48 in the hip area. Then I proceeded to pin and cut it out of the teal green jersey knit. And there it stayed.It became a UFO.  I had to convince myself I can wear knit dresses. My sisterfriend kept telling me to just sew it up. So the last day of the year I did just that. I sewed it up. It was not bad sewing it up, just 5 pieces not counting the neckband. I was surprised as to how it looked. It didn’t cling like I thought it would. In fact I like the way it fitted on me, quite comfortable. I even got the stamp of approval from my sons. (not that their opinion matters, *smiles)


So I welcomed the New Year with a totally new to me dress. I think I might have a new attitude too. I have to thank my swap partner for opening a different horizon for me.


Sew until….Happy sewing.

P.S. This month is my birthday month. So I have a goal of sewing at least 4 things for meeeeee! Going into the “new forties” year and proud of it.


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