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Zip, Zip, Zip

zipper: A fastening device consisting of parallel rows of metal, plastic, or nylon teeth on adjacent edges of an opening that are interlocked by a sliding tab.

“The design used today, based on interlocking teeth, was invented by an employee of Whitcomb Judson’s, Swedish born scientist Gideon Sundback. In 1913 and patented as the “Hookless Fastener” and after more improvements patented in 1917 as the “Separable Fastener”. Only after Gideon Sundbach, had remodeled Judson’s fastener into a more streamlined and reliable form, was the fastener a success.”

Ah, the zipper can be the basic of many dresses,blouses, shirts, pants and skirts. It can be a means of getting in and out of garments.  It could be used for opening and closing pockets. It can be a designing feature, making a fashion statement such as the exposed zippers.Image result for zippers .  The usage of a zipper can be endless, left to one’s imagination.

Image result for zippers                          Image result for zippers                               Image result for zipper bow tie

And we will not get into the kinds of zippers that is out there:  metal zippers, brass zippers, nylon coil zippers, separating zippers, open end zippers, reversible zippers, and so on and so forth.

I have sewn many a zipper in many garments, bags, pillows and so on in my lifetime. But believe it or not, the invisible zipper was one type  I considered a challenge. A long, long, long time ago  I tried and it was not successful. The invisible zipper foot  attachment disappeared many, many moons ago and I never felt the need to replace it. I mastered the centered zipper. I aced the lapped zipper. But I left the invisible zipper alone, invisibly. Last year I decided to obtain an invisible zipper foot. Still didn’t use it until last month. I was determined to do something different. I sewed on three invisible zippers successfully. Yayyyyy!  And I have to give credit to the instructions on the Craftsy Blog. I found out I learned better if I read the directions as oppose to watching a video. It took me a half hour to put the first one in and fifteen minutes for the other two.


I think it is an achievement.I can undauntedly go forth and sew on invisible zippers.

I will tell about the completed garments as soon as I can get someone to take decent pictures.

Sew until…




4 thoughts on “Zip, Zip, Zip

  1. Its just lovely to read someone else who is /was scared of invisible zip insertion. I am! I bought the foot and own 3 invisible zips with the idea to get around to learning how to do this but I keep putting this off. I bought both teh fott and zips about a year ago! Cowardly I know. I will check out the Craftsy instructions though and see how it goes. Hoping I do as good a job as you have. You are very brave to actually put them straight into a garment. I am thinking I will do a practice first even if it means I later have to spend time unpicking the zip to use it again. I love your blog by the way.

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