Mystery Bundle

In March,   Fabric Mart Fabrics had a contest for their Pinterest site for contestants to sew garments using one of their mystery bundles. Sew up a creation and send in pictures. Well, I sewed up some creations but couldn’t get pictures with me wearing the garments in time. Oh well, c’est la vie.  But I’m determined to write about it this time.

Let’s get this established. Yes, I am a fabric collector, curator, hoarder, whatever you want to call it. I have fabric dated back from 40 years ago, believe it or not, still in good condition. I did at the beginning of the year said I will not buy any more fabric. That went out the window the second month. So now I vow that I will not buy any unless I make something. This works a little better, not much but better.

So when I received this bundle, I resolved it was going to be used right away.  I fell in love with the striped linen, even though the colors are not what I would wear, they were vibrant enough to make me smile. Ah, the solid pink linen!  I usually don’t wear pink but I was attracted to this linen.And the golden sheer fabric I think is cotton gauze. It washed beautifully. (I don’t usually prewash my fabric but I did it this time). Now what was I going to make with these fabrics? I knew I wanted a coordinating outfit because all the fabrics seem to go together.

I looked through my vast collection of patterns (I was not going to buy another pattern) and found the pattern which dates back to 1992: Vogue  8090. I don’t know if it is considered vintage but to me it is a classic style. 2016-03-18 16.25.19 Notice the tucks in the jacket and the dress.There were 12 of them in the jacket and 12 in the dress. I think that was the most tedious part of the outfit, doing the marking of all the tucks.I decided to use tailor tacks.But it was worth it.2016-03-19 16.40.41 Once all the tucks were marked and sewn, everything else was easy breezy. even the invisible zipper on the dress.You saw a preview of  the zipper in the  Zip, Zip, Zip post.

2016-03-30 06.23.04

The jacket has shoulder pads on it but it works for the fitting.The dress and jacket is not lined, however, I finished all the seams with seam binding.2016-05-19 10.53.39


2016-04-02 15.06.192016-04-02 15.08.14

This is the end result. Gertrude is wearing it until I can get decent pictures of me wearing the jacket and dress.

2016-03-18 16.16.37 Out of this fabric, I made the Sutton blouse by True Bias. The blouse was sewn as is since this was a new-to-me pattern and it was very, very easy pattern, just three pieces.  The instructions were ideal for a beginner, giving directions on how to make french seams. I will make this top again with some adjustments, though I do have an issue with the seam down the front in which I will definitely change by cutting on the fold. I love the loose fitting yet it is long enough to be fitted in the hips with the high front and low back. I made a skirt to go with it out of the remaining striped linen fabric from  OOP McCall’s 7904 (1995).

McCall7904 (480x640)

Together with the jacket, it looks like this on Gertrude:

2016-04-03 11.53.482016-04-03 11.50.422016-04-03 11.52.11

I even made a pillow with what was left. summerpillow



And I used up 10 yards of fabric. I can now with good conscience get 10 more yards of fabric (convincing my sons).

Hopefully I will get pictures wearing the outfits soon.

Sew until….







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