A Family of Three

Originally, I was going to do matching outfits for my daughter-in-law, granddaughter and me to celebrate the three years of The Monthly Stitch. However, we could not decide what I should make for all three of us and other projects got in the way.  But I am still going to do this even though they went back home to North Carolina.

One of my projects was a request from a young lady to make matching Ankara print vests and bow ties for her husband and son for a vacation trip on a cruise. That was no problem except I had to choose what fabric to use, not knowing her taste nor the color. So I went to my favorite store for African prints, AKN Fabrics.  As usual, I tend to get overwhelmed when I go there as there are piles and piles, shelves upon shelves of fabric in every color you can imagine. I finally decide on this fabric:      2016-07-06 20.53.32  The color were just vibrant and yet still had a masculine touch.

When I brought the fabric home and opened it. I saw it was going to be a challenge in matching the different borders and blocks in the design of the fabric on the vest. But I succeeded.


The young lady, Mrs.M, was satisfied with the fabric when I sent her a picture. However, she then asked if I could make a dress for her to match. OH, MY! I thought with only less than a week to do it in. Of course I agreed, not knowing what I was getting myself into. The only guidelines I had was her measurements and the dress was to be formfitted and long. Mind you, we were communicating cross country. I thought the easiest way was to get a spandex knit to match the fabric and work from there. So back to the garment district where I went to Spandex House and alas, I found a gold hologram foil 4-way stretch spandex that picked up all the colors in the African print.

I used the Closet Case Nettie Dress which was wonderful to make. (I think I might make one for myself). I cut the dress so it would reach Mrs. M’s mid thigh and I added a ruffled skirt of the African print. I reinforced the seam between the skirt and the upper dress with clear elastic. I am sorry I didn’t take pictures of the process as I really didn’t have the time—I was on a mission to finish.

Here are some of the pictures sent to me. This is my contribution to celebrating the three years of The Monthly Stitch:


Sew until…..



6 thoughts on “A Family of Three

    1. So, wait, Sis, is this AKN Fabrics local to you or online? Looks like imo hafta scrounge up some money, then beg for your mercy in agreeing to ship me some; AND hope you don’t mind picking it out too. I know, I know, that’s a lot to ask. I’ll just hope they are online.

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